dear god

i have a question: do you really don’t like gays?

it made me wonder.

you must know – because you are god – that there are groups of people who have been fighting for gays to have equal privileges and rights like any human being. but, tell me, god, why is it so hard for a bunch to accept gays? why can’t a number see gays like them, god, like the rest of us, like we’re all the same, really? is it because gays are harder to love, god, or is it because people create dramas to make it difficult for them to love gays? what about you, god? would you love them all the same like the rest of your creations? i thought you taught us to love one another or are we making it more confusing for us?

i shouldn’t really be throwing too many questions at you, god, because you are busy managing and operating a universe or maybe universes. but last two please, at least for now: is it true, god, that you only created men and women? if so, who, then, created gays?

i still have more questions, god, but i’ll keep the rest later. hope you can enlighten me – and help me be at more peace.

thank you, god, and i love you.

photo credit: bruce gerencser

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