beauty 101 for non-vains

beautyi happen to belong not only to the oily-faced faction, but also to the sensitive-skinned specie. because i got two copies of these allele, i have to put extra attention and care to a special inheritance.

growing up, i did not dare experiment with beauty products. at most times, i left things as they were, allowing nature to take its course to healing. i was afraid that if i venture to different trials, i’ll irritate my skin all the more. but at times, i did ‘mess’ things up, taking old-age scientific remedies from my mother’s kitchen.

for my very dry skin, since no amount of lotion could make my arid-like surface smoother, i later discovered that virgin coconut oil and petroleum jelly were wonderful saving graces! in the morning, i apply petroleum jelly to my arms and legs, especially the elbow and knee parts; and at night, i use virgin coconut oil and petroleum jelly (on my soles – later covering my feet with a pair of socks before going to bed).

why virgin coconut oil at night? because i like going to bed smelling awesomely coconut-ey and delicious!

for my oily face that’s often prone to pimples, i was handed by an ancient-old regimen: a mixture of milk and calamondin. (some might find this yucky but i sometimes use breastmilk, care of friends with overflowing colostrum.) if you’re lazy like me, apply the mixture on the face, wait to dry, leave as is for five minutes or so, and wash it with tap water afterwards. that’s it. no soaps included. the milk mosturises and stretches the skin (and if one is crazy about looking younger, it – as well as egg whites – is probably a natural botox). meanwhile, calamondin helps whiten scars, not to mention, a natural acne medicine.

for the leftover mixture, simply put it in the fridge (not freezer) and use it before taking a shower in the morning and/or evening. note that the mixture will solidify the longer it stays in the fridge. and that is fine.

i know am not the first to unravel these secrets. and am not saying these will work for you, too. however, if you want to try non-chemical products, perhaps this would be a good start. just saying.

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