the painter, the paintbrush and the painting

when you see a beautiful painting, who do you praise? the painter or the paintbrush?

of course, the painter!

the paintbrush is just as it is: a tool. it has nothing of its own to produce a beautiful piece of art; rather, it is out of the immense talents and skills of the painter that created the painting.

the paintbrush is us, the painter is the creator (or however called), and the paintings are the successes of our lives.

we are mere tools used for breathtaking masterpieces. the painter can use another paintbrush and still create wondrous works of art. in the same way, the creator can use another tool (being) and make the painting (successes) equally astonishing, if not more stunning than anything.

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  1. segmation says:

    What a work of art! Thanks for sharing.

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