when the bride married the best man

one day in the early 1920s, in ireland, best man albert muldon walked up to the altar with the bridegroom in the tiny church at kileter, county tyrone. but instead of standing to the right of the groom, albert stood on his left.

the bride arrived and the ceremony began. the priest, seeing albert standing on the left, put all his questions to him – and albert answered them. the priest continued to end the ceremony and then invited the happy couple to sign the register. the slip-up only came to light when the true bridegroom insisted on signing after the priest had asked albert to do so.

a second ceremony was immediately held – this time with albert standing on the right.

albert said afterwards: “my pal christopher, the bridegroom, was so nervous that he didn’t seem able to speak, so i thought i had better answer for him.”

source: the world’s greatest mistakes

photo credit: cartoon stock