swapping my heels for a pair of running shoes

because i can spend more than eight hours being in front of a computer, there is no reason for me not to do it (again) – spend an hour on the road.

so after a year of pavement separation, i traded shoes. and once i started dashing, i realised a few things i missed for not spending time with my running shoes:

  • the smell of the earth after a sweeping rain, and how beautiful it is to go past trees than running on a treadmill
  • the meditative mode i get myself into when i run, and all those creative juices conceived while i sweat
  • the little things that reminds me about life and love
    • (life) running is a simple metaphor that you can accomplish things in life when you start believing and encouraging yourself
    • (love) seeing a young man get down on his knees to fix the shoelace of his girlfriend
  • the sense of self-satisfaction and achievement i feel – that i can run for 30 straight minutes as i gather fearless power from my feet and intense strength from my lungs

photo credit: cinco resources, inc