catching up with big

i last saw her in the new year, when life seems to be unfolding with promises for both of us. fast forward nine months later and remarkable life changes in between – i recently quit my job while she is starting anew with an organic business – we both agree that growing up is a seemingly beautiful and graceful process once we allow ourselves to embrace its wholeness… that in growing up,

  1. it doesn’t mean pretending to be someone else but being true to who you are. for big, it only took two months to realise things won’t work out for her and her first business partner. as she puts it: “we were not on the same wavelength even on little things.” for instance, she narrates how she had to fight for a minimum salary wage for a staff  when her business partner was proposing only xx% of the minimum salary. she says: “i know the person will not complain because there are a number out there looking for a job, but providing a minimum salary wage is valuing the person and giving him dignity.”
  2. there is more appreciation in the minute things like breathing fresh air or enjoying the early morning sun touching your skin… because after all the heels, glitz and glamour of skyscrapers and honing of cars, we long to sit under a tree and see butterflies, or hear the silence of the dead night as we read our book before knocking the door to dreamland.
  3. our parents age as we grow older, and we save not only for ourselves but for them as well – because as our folks age, all the “baggage” that comes along with aging and ailing slowly creep in. and yes, that emergency fund is very crucial and must be reachable any time.

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