all those men

it boils down to the same thing: when (straight) females get together – no matter what age she belongs to – the conversation ends up with: men… in her pre-puberty stage, she talks about the cutest guy in the ‘hood or in school, who may be her first crush. in her early teens, she confides about the mysterious boy who gave her a rose, who eventually became her first kiss. in her late teens, she palpitates at thought of having her first intimate moment with the guy whom she calls ‘first boyfriend.’ in her young adult life, she mourns on her first heart break over a first love. in her late adult life, she ponders on a possible future with the man she’s with. in her mid-life, she juggles life as a wife and wonders how she can inflict the practice to her husband that the best way of squeezing a toothpaste is bottom-up. then, sometimes in her mid-life, she tries to get away from temptation and swift love affairs, or deals with stories of his mistresses, or heals herself from a failed marriage. in her old age, she whines about being tired of nursing an irate and irrational husband, whose recent state of idleness invisibly gave an excuse to verbally and emotionally abuse her. yet even with that, in her dying days, she discusses about being laid beside him because that was the vow she had: for better or for worse.

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